Sunday, 9 January 2011

Scary! Pt 2

As I said earlier - today, for some weird reason, I felt the urge to attack the dome head on with the Dremel instead of saving it to last and do it slowly when I have perfected my technique on the skins and scraps.

Tools for today:

The crappy 0,8 mm cutting blades (the good ones are too wide for these gaps) and a medium file (flat one side, curved the other)

Here´s the pie panels cut out. Not a single mistake- The narrow blades leave enough space as long as you have a steady hand. Te rest of the tabs are removed with the file very easily.

Since this went so well I decided to cut off the faulty rear logics panel too.

The bottom ring also came off today. Here's those tiny hands of mine filing away. I found raising the dome up to chest level made it easier to work.

And finally, here's the Astromechanic in all his glory, lol.

- Yeah, I know, the Devils are having a crappy season - but they´ve been my team since I was a kid. Why? No idea :D Nowadays I coach hockey kids (3-7yrs) and am pondering the possibility of trying out for one of the teams in the old boys league...hmmm)


  1. great progress! this is going to be a nice build. I have bookmarked your blog and look forward to each entry!

  2. You should watch your tiny hands working with the file, you may cut yourself....

    Great progress, lasso-wan...

    -the dark force-