Tuesday, 31 July 2012

R2 Builders Group at Celebration VI in Orlando!

After waiting and hoping for two years, the RADAR EYE finally arrives!

This was the first part I was planning to get when I first started this project two years ago. I soon realized that a radar eye in aluminium was the the stuff of myths and legends - only made when the earth, moon, uluru, Lars homestead and an old aussie grannie´s petunia collection aligned. The maker, David Shaw, apparently lives in an aluminium capsule buried in the australian desert... For a long time I doubted his existence - was he real? Some months ago he returned - Rise of the Shaw!! Builders all over the world have been ecstatic, frantically checking David's homepage for updates and availability. I was off-world on holiday when the part was released, but thanks to Edward going out of his way to reach me via Telex and Wampa-cries I managed to get on the list!

One thing is the availability of Davids immaculate parts - the Shaw experience has to be experienced... The man not only double-box his parts. He wraps them in tissue paper. This time he even made custom shiny shiny sticker with the club logo - LOLZ! David you are SO the man! Thank you very much for FINALLY doing the most iconic part of our litle friend :)

The Shaw experience step by step:

Sunday, 29 July 2012

R2 has got pants on - FINALLY!

At last R2 is not naked from the bottom down like that perverted duck... It has been a LONG wait due to Jerry taking a brake from the parts-circus when his wife was ill. Luckily she is doing better as far as I know and Jerry has resumed offering us these magnificent pieces of aluminium. You are a STAR mate - thanks yet another piece of the puzzle!

Shoulder hydraulics and buttons arrive!

Yet another set of beatifully machined parts - this time courtesy of Vince aka Corellianexports. Thanks mate!